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Hair Loss Treatment Special
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Poly Enhanced PRP生髮療程一直深受客戶愛戴,效果卓越,為照顧些有需要又不想抽血的人士,所以引入FDA認証意大利專業醫用生髮劑,配合徽針槍安全精準注入毛髪囊,能激活生髮,男性的M字額,髮線上升,女士們頭髮稀疏薄弱,產後嚴重脫髮等問題,都能有效解決。


查詢預約 416.855.3138

At Poly Enhanced, the FDA Certified Italian Professional Medical Hair Growth Agent is now officially introduced! Administered directly into the hair sacs (blood taking is not needed anymore), the agent stimulates hair growth and efficiently solves hair loss problems. 


Special Price: $480 for 2 times (Limited Time Offer)

Call for more details:416.855.3138

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